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It is a trading strategy allowing investors to 'mirror trade' other forex traders and investors. They would basically copy the trades of other investors which will reflect in their own trading account. Abbreviation used for calculating the percentage change in indices during a monthly period.

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This term is used when the trader is considering only short-term direction of the price movement, not the fundamentals. The strategy is based only on momentum. Money market hedge is a way to protect against currency oscillations and allows a company to reduce the currency risk when doing business with a foreign company. Before conducting a transaction, the value of the foreign company currency will be locked in, so as to assure the cost of the future transaction and ensures the domestic company will have the price it is able and willing to pay.

This occurs when there is low liquidity in the market but great oscillations in prices and high spread.

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Defined as the negative interest of SWAP rolling over a position overnight. In charting pattern formations, the base of a Head and Shoulder or its opposite. This is the difference in interest rates from the countries of two diverse currencies. If the spot next rate for the Euro is 3. Defined as the method of settling, under which only the differences in the traded currencies are settled at the close.

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Net position is the amount bought or sold which is not counterbalanced by a position of an equal size. It is defined as assets minus liabilities. Can also be referred to as net assets. New York Time. Regarded as a data format used in trading platforms for providing users with frequently updated content. FXCC is a "no dealing desk" forex broker. NDD is defined as unhindered access to the interbank market, where foreign currencies are traded.

Forex brokers using this model route orders through to market liquidity providers, rather than dealing with a single liquidity provider.

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A trader's order is offered to numerous providers, in order to get the most competitive bid and ask prices. It is a term that is used to specify certain price movements that cannot be explained by fundamental nor technical factors.

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Statistical data gathered by the U. Bureau of Labor Statistics, which corresponds to the payroll data for the majority of the United States. It does not include: farm workers, private household employees, or non-profit organization employees. It is a fundamental indicator released monthly. Notional value on a financial instrument is the value of a position in dollar terms. It is the abbreviation for the New Zealand dollar and the U. It portrays to the traders the amount of U. An order type where stop and limit order is set at the same time and if either trade is executed, the other one will be cancelled.

This is the price at which a dealer is looking to sell a currency.

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The offer is also called the ask price. It is a situation that may occur in the forex market, which is usually temporary and represents the occurrence where the number of traders selling an instrument exceeds the number of traders willing to buy. This is a trade that serves to remove, or reduce some, or all of the market risk in an open position. Old lady of Threadneedle Street, a term for the central bank of England.

It is an account amid two brokers where individual accounts and the transactions are joined in an omnibus account, rather than designated separately. The futures merchant will open this account with another company, where the processing of the deals and operations in the name of the account holder are performed. Defined as an online system permitting the exchange of nations' currencies.

Forex market is decentralized and it is a network of computers that connect banks, online currency exchanges and forex brokers that allow for delivery of the currencies traded.

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Attempting to short the market, at the current market price. The entire sum of unsettled contracts held by market participants at the end of every trading day. It is defined as an order that will be executed once the market moves and reaches the stated price.

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Any position that has been opened by a trader which has not been closed by an equivalent or opposite deal of the same size. The FXCC window which demonstrates all the current client positions that are open. Orders are defined as an instruction from the client to either buy or sell a specific currency pair, through FXCC trading platform. Orders can be set to be triggered as well, once the market price reaches the client's pre-determined price.

Over the counter off exchange foreign exchange markets, in which market participants, such as FXCC and the client, enter into privately negotiated contracts, or other transactions directly with each other, for which margin is deposited and pledged against outstanding positions. An occurrence when a country has a good economic growth over a long period of time, resulting in a growing aggregate demand that cannot be supported with the productive capacity can face overheated economy, which usually as results in increased interest rates and higher inflation.

Defined as a deal from today until the next business day. Parity occurs when the price of an asset matches the price of another asset, for example; if one euro equals one US dollar. A "parity price" concept is also used for securities and commodities, if two assets have an equal value. Convertible bond traders and investors might use the parity price concept, in order to determine when it's beneficial to convert a bond into equities.

A pip is defined as the smallest price movement that a given exchange rate makes, based on market convention. Most major currency pairs are priced to four decimal places, the smallest change is that of the last decimal point. The worth of each pip in a given trade, which is converted into a trader's account currency. This is regarded as the unsettled orders still pending and waiting to be executed, at the price determined by the client.

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Exposure to changes in government policy that may have an opposing consequence on an investor's position. Minimum oscillation or smallest increase in price movement. Defined as the netted total commitments in a given currency. A position can be either flat, or square no exposure , long, more currency bought than sold , or short more currency sold than bought.

Net positive SWAP interest of keeping a position opened overnight. The price at which an asset or underlying currency can be sold or bought. Price channel is formed by placing two parallel lines on the chart for the desired instrument. Depending on whether the movement of the market, the channel can be ascending, descending or horizontal.

Lines are used to connect the highs and the lows, where the upper line represents the resistance level and the lower line represents the support level. This is the flow of market data real time, or delayed. Depicts market quotes that each and every market participant has equal access to. Regarded as the steady movement of prices in a certain direction. It is the rate used to calculate the lending rates by banks in the US.

PPI measures the price changes at the wholesale level of a fixed basket of capital, rent consumer good production taken on by the producers, and acts as an indicator of forthcoming retail price changes. The closing or unwinding of a position in order to realize a profit. An economic indicator that measures the economic strength of the manufacturing sector. By gathering monthly surveys of approx.

Aplikacja Kalendarzowa Forex iPhone Aplikacja Kalendarzowa Forex iPhone
Aplikacja Kalendarzowa Forex iPhone Aplikacja Kalendarzowa Forex iPhone
Aplikacja Kalendarzowa Forex iPhone Aplikacja Kalendarzowa Forex iPhone
Aplikacja Kalendarzowa Forex iPhone Aplikacja Kalendarzowa Forex iPhone
Aplikacja Kalendarzowa Forex iPhone Aplikacja Kalendarzowa Forex iPhone
Aplikacja Kalendarzowa Forex iPhone Aplikacja Kalendarzowa Forex iPhone

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